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Final Registration Date is April 25, 2011

Hi Everyone,

There are three reasons why I’m sending yet another announcement out to you this week. The first is my apology to you, the second is to get you a posting about the Boyd Family Singers and lastly, I needed to remind everyone about the next Practitioner Skills Development Class that is scheduled for May7-8, 2011

Please accept my apology that there are so many separate postings arriving in your mailbox this week. I was technically challenged to produce the article on the Boyd Family Singers that I promised would go out this week. This ate up my time so I couldn’t get all of the posting done on time before the scheduled publication hour.

Also, I’ve changed the publication time so that the technical problem of postings from one week appearing as the first item on the next week’s newsletter hopefully won’t be happening again. This is all a learning experience and I am still a very baby blogger.

Hopefully this announcement will generate your receiving the posting about the Boyd family singers.

The last item is that the Final Registration date for the May 7-8th Practitioner Skills Development class 9:00 am Eastern time on Monday April 25th. If you are planning to attend you need to contact me direcly to hold your place as soon as possible.

For those of you who are wondering what I am talking about, Practitioner Skills Development classes are open to Repatterning Students, Student Practitioners, and Certified Practitioners who need: to  fulfill their RPA  membership CEU requirements; and/or for those who need tutorial observations by an RPA Designated Observer in order to fulfill the requirements of their Certification process; or for Repatterning Students and Certified Practitioners who want to upgrade their knowledge base and skills by being a part of the class.

For complete information about these classes click here and please call Meryl before making your payment:

Introducing the Boyds For Praise Company- The Boyd Family Singers

Last August as I was walking in Central Park on a lovely Friday.

I unexpectedly had my first contact with the Boyd Family Singers.

I had never been in the gorgeous arcade that is adjacent to Bethesda Fountain at 72nd Street where the family was singing. I honestly couldn’t believe what I was hearing and how I was reacting to the angelic harmonies and resonance of their sophisticated Gospel music.

Six of the eight of the Boyd children, Abraham, Victory, Angel, Israel, Thalia, and Mosaia were singing with their father. The children’s ages ranged from elementary school age to teenagers . Their voices were outstanding with a uniformity and complementary quality engendered by their father’s careful cultivation of their talents as well as the fact of their being related to each other.

My heart was bursting open with joy and my whole energetic system felt wide open. I felt that God was singing through them.

I didn’t have time to stay and listen so I bought a CD. I played it over and over again. Conveying my experience in words even now is awkward for me because of the deeply personal reaction I continue to have to their music whether in person or by CD.

For awhile I stopped listening to my CD that is mostly comprised of their original compositions. It touched me so deeply that several times when I woke up in the middle of the night my first conscious awareness was of their music and voices running in my heart and head.

I stopped listening because I was a little frightened about responding so strongly to what I felt was an experience of my direct connection to God.

I believe that the Boyds for Praise Company has a sacred mission to help people feel their connectedness to God. This is why I am writing about my experience with them.

Although the family had been here in the past (there is a  U-Tube video of them in 2009 singing in the subway that I’ll post here) they have only recently moved from Michigan where Mr. Boyd had been a choir master.

I am hoping that this little entry will inspire you and that you will want to hear more of their work. If you are interested in having one of the CD’s that they sell please let me know.

Here is one of their compositions called “Sing to the Lord”.

04 – Sing to the Lord

A beautiful testimonial about the Boyd’s from Rabbi Simcha L. Weinberg can be accessed by clicking here

Finally, here are two U-Tube videos amongst several that are available. I hope that you enjoy them and can share a little of the joy their mission gives me. Please let me know if you want more of the Boyds for Praise Company for yourself if you can’t get to see them weekends from 11 am-2pm underneath the arches leading to Bethesda Fountain.

The Dear Woman Video

Earlier this week Joie Jacobsen passed this message along to me and I was extremely moved by the U Tube  Dear Woman video that the message announces.
What I found to be  so outstanding about the video is that it is an extremely healing, powerful modality that energetically proclaims the masculine-feminine balance, wholeness and partnership that is imperative for our planet to survive and heal.
I would be so interested in hearing what your experience of the video is and I  am sure that other readers would love to hear your impressions. Please leave us a comment .
With Love, Light, Laughter and Gratitude (especially to Joie for sending it along),
Dear Friends:
With great pride and pleasure, we announce the release of Dear Woman, the new 8-minute video by G. Hendricks and A. Ardagh.
In it you’ll see dozens of conscious men delivering powerful appreciations of women and feminine consciousness, along with atonements for unconscious deeds done to women in the past.Dear Woman has already become a viral sensation in the hours since its release, with nearly 25,000 people viewing it so far.Find out what all the excitement’s about HERE!
With love,Kathlyn Hendricks